Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Why Alexander the Great Never Conquered Jerusalem

By 333BC Alexander of Macedon had unified the city states of Greece and his army was now sweeping down the Mediterranean coast towards Egypt. On the way he turned toward Jerusalem, planning to lay siege to it. Word reached the Jews there that the Macedonian army was on its way. Well aware of the danger, the high priest, a godly old man by the name of Jaddua, asked the people to pray to God for his mercy and protection.
Then Jaddua clad in his white priestly robes and carrying the sacred writings of the Jewish prophet Daniel formed a procession to meet Alexander outside the city together with his fellow priests.
The Macedon king unexpectedly left his army and hurried alone to meet this body of priests and greet them warmly. Alexander told the high priest that back home in Macedonia, when he'd been considering how he might obtain control of Asia, God had shown him an old man, robed in a white garment, who told him not to delay. God added that the old man would show him something of great significance to himself. Hearing this Jaddua opened the prophecies of Daniel and read them to Alexander. When Jaddua reached the scripture that prophesied a shaggy goat, the king of Greece, who would come from the West and destroy the power of the Persians and conquer the world, Alexander was so overwhelmed that not only did he declare he would leave Jerusalem alone, but he accompanied the high priest to the Jerusalem temple where he offered sacrifice to God, as directed by the high priest.
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john carlson said...

He was having a good day and wasn't hungover. If he was having a bad day he would have slaughtered everyone and burned the city to the ground, just as he had done in Persepolis.